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Ride Share: Jazmín Quirós's Story

When the Quirós family bought a bicycle from their local co-op life immediately got easier. But the family of four quickly outgrew owning just one bike. The first bike Doña Jazmín (seen above) purchased was mostly used by her husband to get to work. So for most of the day she couldn't use the bike to run errands. With the extra money he made at work, they started saving to buy another bike. 

The second bike they bought was for Jazmín. And then there were four. Their oldest son, Josué (also above), was using his bike for exercise in the backyard and to play with his friends. His friends ended up buying bikes from the co-op as well when they saw how much fun it could be. Then they all started riding to school together. Josué is quick to volunteer to help his mom with errands too, now that he has his own bike to run to the market. 

Jazmín noted that the price of fuel has increased and with the current economic situation a trip as a family has become challenging. She is incredibly thankful to have bikes for everyone in the family so they can ride their bikes to church on Sundays. They have found many activities where they can ride their bikes instead of depending on a car and spending so much money on gas. 

Don Alexis is the co-op administrator where the Quirós family purchased their bikes. He said there are many families who are realizing the power and independence a bike can bring. Just seeing the Quirós' out riding after church is like a traveling billboard promoting bikes. He said many people in the co-op and neighboring communities are now asking, when is the next shipment of bikes arriving?

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