• MiBici- Costa Rica

    Changing Lives

    A bike is more than transportation, it can empower individuals and entire communities.

  • Village Bicycle Project

    Empowering Women

    We provide bicycles and mechanical training and teach women how to ride, empowering them with skills to keep their families moving forward.

  • CESTA El Salvador

    Training Mechanics

    Vocational training provides personal empowerment, professional opportunities and a way to provide for families and communities.

  • Bikes for the Philippines

    Keeping Students in School

    Many students face long walks to school, donated bikes get them there faster and help them stay in school.

  • Village Bicycle Project

    Transforming Communities

    Donated bikes allow health workers to see more clients, farmers to get goods to market and small business owners to support their families.

Changing lives one bike at a time.


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Diversity Over Adversity
2021 A Year In Review

When a global health crisis threatened our lives and our livelihoods, we found the power of our mission pushed to the forefront. Bikes became a lifeline to critical workers tasked with keeping us safe and secure during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As we entered 2021, the challenges continued- scarcity of bikes and associated parts, limited volunteer availability, unpredictability in international shipping. Our phenomenal network rose to the challenge and played a key role in ensuring that bikes were still getting into the hands of those who needed them most.

#Wheel News

17 May 2022
Stefani de Paz takes great pride in her bike repair business. Stefani grew up watching her dad fix bicycles. She loved watching him work in their shop and had dreams of one day working along side him in the family business. In El Salvador it's unusua...
06 May 2022
It's known as "the richest event in one of the world's poorest countries." The Tour de Lunsar is now one of the best-known bicycle races in West Africa, but it had an uphill climb to the podium. The Tour de Lunsar is the creation of Abdul Karim Kamar...
02 May 2022
Before the pandemic hit, Linda Hansen came to us and said, I don't think we can continue the bike collection at St. Mary of Sorrows in Fairfax. Linda had been the manager of this event for years before handing it off to another volunteer to manage. A...