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Rolling Out Product: Virginia's Story

Virginia has a successful business with her mother that allowed her to purchase this awesome Specialized Rockhopper. Doña Irma (mom) and Virginia live next to Don Álvaro's co-op but they are not members. When they heard about the shipment of bikes coming to the community they decided to look into getting one to help grow their business. 

One of the main products the women sell is Pinolillo which combines two of the crops on the farm, corn and cacao, . This is a well known drink in Costa Rica made from cornmeal and cocoa. The roasted corn and cocoa beans are mixed with spices such as cinnamon sticks, black pepper and cloves and ground into a fine powder. Virginia and Irma sell small and large bags of the powdered drink which can be mixed with milk or water to produce Pinolillo. 

Another popular product they sell is Achiote. Virginia makes this paste from annatto seeds which are removed from the bush, boiled and then mixed with oil. Achiote is a popular organic color additive that gives a special touch to meals. While it's main use is to add that orange-red color in Costa Rican cuisine, it also provides a slightly spicy aroma with a touch of nutmeg. They sell the paste in small glass jars. 

Virginia and Irma have been selling Pinolillo and Achiote for five years now and they are quite popular in nearby grocery stores. They also have several individual customers who buy the products directly from them. Now, with the bicycle, Virginia is able to expand that business outside their immediate area. They take orders which Virginia can easily deliver by bicycle doubling their business. 

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