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La Trinchera de Pital: Powered by Bikes

Aurora. Isabel. Helen. Meet the women of La Trinchera de Pital. All three of these women are members of the La Trinchera de Pital Empresa de Credito (EC). ECs are autonomous credit companies, which aim to enhance the development of communities and individuals. The focus of each of the ECs is to support the development of entrepreneurs in their communities through credits. Aurora, Isabel, and Helen run the MiBici project in their communities, which uses our donated bikes as capital to fund other projects in the community. 

La Trinchera de Pital is a community in northern Costa Rica. The main economic activities here are agriculture and livestock. Among the main crops are pineapple and cassava. Of course the EC funds many agricultural related activities, but they are not limited to supporting farmers. The EC also supports many small businesses such as sewing and commerce. 

This EC was formed mainly by women and they have been involved with the bicycle project for several years. Aurora is the administrator of the EC. Isabel is a partner. Helen is a member who has had several loans through the EC to increase and grow her businesses. All three received bikes from our first 2023 shipment to Costa Rica. La Trinchera de Pital received 200 bicycles from this container that arrived in April.

Aurora, Isabel, and Helen receive bikes when they arrive in the community and working alongside their families they reassemble and repair the bikes donated through Bikes for the World. They use the money from the sale of bikes to increase funds available for microcredit loans within their communities providing a means for their whole community to thrive through one shipment of bikes.

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