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Featured Volunteer: Densroy Reid

Mr. Densroy Reid (left), D. Reid, or just simply Reid has been hard at work for Bikes for the World for years now, although he may not look very familiar to anyone hanging around our warehouse. Don't let all the bikes behind him fool you, this isn't actually OUR warehouse. Mr. Reid works at Preferred Business in Elmsford NY and these are just some of the bikes they have collected for our program over the years. 

Mr. Reid works alongside owner Dennis Kiernan and fellow employees Dawn Boone and Robert Gorden who work at Preferred Business by day. Collecting and moving bikes is just their superhero power. You will rarely find Mr. Reid resting. He keeps busy for us renting trucks, supporting collections, picking up bikes, and loading the trucks when Keith Oberg arrives to bring them all back to our central warehouse for shipping. As you can see above, he also works alongside other volunteers they bring into the mix to help get it all done. Even Superheroes need a sidekick. 

This is just something Preferred Business felt passionate about and when Dennis approached us about five years ago to get started as a drop off point in Elmsford NY, we said sure why not!? Dennis donated the warehouse space and recruited this amazing crew to help accept bikes at their business. But it quickly morphed into more. Now they are picking up bikes at apartment buildings, schools, or sometimes individual residences. And that piece is often managed by Mr. Reid. 

This satellite location has served as a valuable addition to our program over the years, especially in 2020. This year while we lost our entire busy spring collection season the impact would be felt most greatly by our beneficiaries around the world facing increased challenges due to the ongoing pandemic fallout. As we prepare for our next shipment this month, we are relying heavily on some of our institutional partners, like Preferred Business who are providing bikes at the exact time we need more to fill our containers. Mr. Reid's commitment to our cause can be seen on the floor in their warehouse and ours and soon on the streets of Barbados!

Reid has a God given desire to help others. It doesn't matter if it involves food, swinging a hammer, or securing bikes for the cause. Mr. Reid is there to help, never asking for a thing in return. His joy is knowing that someone's life is made easier or someone will benefit by his actions.

Dennis Kiernan, Manager/Owner Preferred Business and Bikes for the World NY Manager
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