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Featured Volunteer: Noah Edlavitch

One of our biggest fundraisers, loudest champions and most diverse volunteers is also currently one of our youngest. Noah Edlavitch came to us at the end of last year right when we were crunching to donate our last bikes of 2021. His work with us in our busy warehouse made our final containers to partners in Rwanda and Madagascar possible. Those bikes are now on their way to change lives in Africa; meanwhile, Noah is still hard at work in the warehouse for the next partner. 

Noah and his mom found Bikes for the World when they were preparing for Noah's bar mitzvah. As they were researching organizations for his mitzvah project they found us in their backyard and decided to check it out. Noah's love of bikes was a perfect fit. He really enjoyed the hands on aspect of our service project while also learning more about bikes and our beneficiaries who would receive the bikes he was preparing for shipment. There was something tangible about the work that inspired him.

He came back several weeks, recruited volunteers, and started fundraising online. We harnessed Noah's enthusiasm and trained him for all our volunteer jobs in the warehouse. Stripping wheels seemed to be a bit of flat tire so to speak, but stepping up to do what's needed is part of being a dedicated volunteer. Noah and his friends knocked that tedious job out for us in no time and we quickly saw that Noah had what it takes to learn the most involved position in the warehouse, mechanic. During his last visit with us, he learned how to use a chain tool, crank puller, and headset remover tool- now all we need to do is keep him around! 

His fundraising campaign is still bringing in donations to help us collect and deliver bikes around the world. To date, Noah has raised over $1500 for Bikes for the World. And during his mitzvah presentation he helped introduce Bikes for the World to many other people who hadn't yet heard of us...so we know that will only lead to even more bikes for us to donate...Hey Noah, we are going to need those wrenching skills again soon...

Bikes for the World makes affordable, good quality used bikes available to people in developing countries. These bikes provide better transport for work, education, and health care. I use my bike for fun and to get to school. In developing countries, these bikes are life changing and empower whole communities. I will continue to volunteer for this organization after my bar mitzvah and I hope some of my friends will join me.

Noah Edlavitch, Bar Mitzvah Project (he TOTALLY gets it!)
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