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BfP Joe Israel graduate

Joe Israel

Student bike beneficiaries of Baclayon, on the island of Bohol in the Philippines, are hand picked based on a number of factors. The bikes are intended to help students who live great distances from school stay in school and graduate. Students are 'loaned' the bicycles and are only permitted to use them to get to and from school. Once they graduate they then 'earn' the bicycle and may use it to get to town and to and from work.

Joe Israel was on of the first bike recipients and graduated high school in 2012. He then entered a work program established through Bikes for the Philippines where he learned a trade in baking.

Sherwin and Ron Sercio Narbay

Sherwin and Ron Narbay

For Ron and Sherwin a bicycle could be the difference between graduating and not finishing school at all. In fact, many students in Baclayon, a remote community on the island of Bohol Philippines, travel many miles every day just to get to and from school. With only one high school in the region, students are often forced to travel more miles once they move up in school. This burdens not only the students but the entire family as less time can be devoted to necessary household chores. Continue reading Ron and Sherwin's story on our blog.
Joan Marie Igcas

Joan Marie Igcas

When Joan received her bike through the Bikes for Education program of Bikes for the Philippines she had no idea how to ride it. Fortunately Bikes for the Philippines worked hand in hand with the school system of Baclayon when they started this bike program to keep kids enrolled in school. As part of the school curriculum, the new student bike owners are not only taught how to ride a bike if necessary, but they are also required to learn bike safety and bike maintenance.

We met Joan in 2012 on a visit to Baclayon. You can see for yourself how well she learned to ride a bike for the first time thanks to this program.

BfP Jake Palijado 2

Jake Palijado

For 13-year-old Jake Palijado, the bicycle gives hope. Jake had a short walk to school in his village of Baclayon through eighth grade. But when he started high school, Jake had to hike more than three hilly miles for over an hour in tropical heat and humidity. Jake arrived at school drained and unmotivated.

Jake learned to ride through this program and is now more confident and arriving to school on time with motivation and enthusiasm. He has lost weight since he started riding and his teachers say his school work improved immediately.


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