Panama Beneficiaries

Sra Luz de Madrid

Sra. Luz de Madrid

Bikes for the World also donates sewing machines to select programs overseas. Beneficiaries are often taught sewing techniques through the program and the donated machines not only facilitate this instruction but also help the recipients generate income for their families. BfW donates sewing machines to Panama, Costa Rica, and Uganda.

Sra. Luz de Madrid runs her own micro-business designing and sewing  modern and traditional clothes for the local and tourist markets. With her earnings from sales, this stay-at-home mother has been able to cover the school fees and associated expenses of her children.


Odison Robles

Odison has come a long way. Growing up in Alcalde Diaz, Villa Victoria, where, according to Goodwill Panama director Angel Diaz, "the conditions of life aren't the best", Odison had dropped out of school and showed no interest in doing anything constructive with his life. Desperate because of the boy's general rebelliousness, his parents brought the 14-year old to Goodwill Panama.

There they registered Odison in the Goodwill Vocational Education Center, where young people with special needs receive vocational education in the metal-working shop in the morning, complemented with primary and secondary education in the afternoon. Continue reading Odison's story

Goodwill Pimentel family

The Pimentel Family

It is not uncommon for a family, and sometimes an entire village, to share a single bicycle to get to work, school, and to run errands. The Pimentel Family is fortunate to have gotten three bicycles from Goodwill Panama.

The bicycles help the family transport and sell homemade foods in the community faster and more efficiently. They used to use a horse but were finally able to let the poor guy retire when they got the bikes. These bikes are used by the whole family, including one son who is handicapped. Hear the family tell their story in this video.

Goodwill Erika Pimentel with brailler

Erika Pimentel

Erika Pimentel is blind. She received a brailler (typewriter for the blind) through a special shipment from Bikes for the World in 2012. Several donated braillers accompanied a shipment of bikes to Panama courtesy of Peace Corps Friends Panaman and Goodwill Panama.

Occassionally, Bikes for the World will ship special items along with our bike shipments to countries that allow this. Goodwill Virginia worked alongside Bikes for the World to deliver half a container of wheelchairs, crutches, and canes to Goodwill Panama. See other items that were shipped with bikes over the years.


All beneficiary stories and photos courtesy of Goodwill Panama