Public Sector Partners

Local police department, university security, and university recycling programs generate dozens and sometimes hundreds of abandoned bicycles annually. 

Some of these entities welcome the opportunity to help a non-profit program such as Bikes for the World, and are glad to donate these bikes. Others which were auctioning bikes in the past have now found this channel decreasingly remunerative and are desperate for alternatives. Bikes for the World can help! 

Bikes for the World collaborates with a host of public sector partners across the Mid-Atlantic region—counties, cities and towns, solid waste departments, recycling offices, recreation departments, police departments—including:Shady Grove Waste Transfer StationShady Grove Waste Transfer Station

The Solid Waste Departments of Montgomery County (MD) and Fairfax County (VA) donate bicycles from the waste stream, at their respective Waste transfer stations.

Arlington County (VA) and the City of Falls Church (VA) provide Bikes for the World a prominent place in their bi-annual multi-commodity recycling and reuse collection events.

Police department in Arlington and Fairfax Counties (VA), Cities of Alexandria and Falls Church (VA), Town of Vienna (VA), Cities of Rockville and Cumberland (MD), and Washington DC regularly donate bicycles from their impound lots.

Contact Us for more information on how a police department or other entity can donate abandoned bikes to Bikes for the World.

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