Your Support Helps Communities Thrive

Thrive Sherwin and Ron Narbay BfP


Ron and Sherwin bike to and from school. They received their bikes on loan from the Bikes for Education program supported through Bikes for the Philippines. A bicycle can enable a child to successfully transition from a nearby village primary school to a distant regional secondary school.

Thrive family vehicle Honduras


A bike is often a family vehicle, shared among members for work, school, and health care. It can also bring a family together. This family in Honduras shares a bicycle to get to school and work. It saves a lot of time and allows the family to work together to complete chores more efficiently.

Thrive Tsumeb shop feed orphanage


Community-owned bike shops supported by Bicycle Empowerment Network invest a portion of profits from bike sales back into their communities. The shop in Tsumeb helps feed 200 children a day at a local orphange, helping their community thrive.



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