Help us collect bikes!  There are foor basic ways a corporate or institutional supporter can help:

REI Fairfax 2012Volunteers Paul Schulwitz and Rich Weisman compact bikes at REI Fairfax 2012Sponsor a collectionprovide a site, do publicity, and provide a team of volunteers to receive and prep (compact) the bicycles.  Bikes for the World provides full support--supplies, tools, and the presence of a volunteer or staff member at the event, and transport to remove the bikes.  It's a great team-building community service experience for your employees.

Host a collectionprovide a site, publiize the event, but defer staffing to Bikes for the World.  This is typical of bicycle retailer-hosted collections requiring personnel provided by (1) Bikes for the World  or (2) a community service group, such as a Boy Scout managing a bike collection as his required community service project for the Eagle rank.

Staff a collection off-site–provide a team of volunteers at a collection scheduled and publicized by Bikes for the World, at a site removed from your corporate location.  Typical are multi-commodity recycling and environmental events sponsored by local jurisdictions.

Donate money--financial support enables Bikes for the World to pick-up additional bikes at non-paying locations: police impound lots, many waste transfer stations, multi-family residences, universities.   

In addition, bicycle retailers may accept individual bicycle donations on behalf of Bikes for the World on a regular basis, or offer a short-term "trade-in sale" and donate incoming bikes to us.