Find Abandoned Bikes

Help us find more bikes!  Individual volunteers are an increasingly significant channel for sourcing bikes. 

Don’t just tell us about them – be proactive, get them yourself, and bring them to us if you can! Here are some ways to find bikes. 

  • Apartment Bike Room Clean OutSearch and advertise on-line (Craigslist, Freecycle, etc.).   
  • Bike rooms in multi-family residences – these oftentimes become crowded with abandoned bikes; talk to the building manager about cleaning these out. It requires time and patience, giving repeated notices, but Bikes for the World can help. 
  • Talk to your local police about their bicycle impound lot.
  • Approach your local waste transfer station and ask them to put aside bikes for Bikes for the World.
  • Real estate agents – if you know one, mention that you are collecting bikes for Bikes for the World— agents are always seeking ways to help their clients downsize.  
  • Talk to your neighbors – once it gets around that you are collecting bikes, your neighbors will find you!

Tips for Property Managers

Contact office (at) for details.