Become a Business Partner

Bikes for the World offers rewarding partnership opportunities to businesses large and small.  

Bikes for the World partners with more than 20 national, regional, and local businesses.Whole Foods MarketWhole Foods Market

As the nation’s largest and most professional bicycle reuse charity, with a strong humanitarian, environmental, and community service brand appealing to a broad sector of the public, Bikes for the World can bring substantial value to these relationships, whether in our home mid-Atlantic region or nationally.

Here's how we can help you, and how you can help us. 

Bikes for the World can help sell bikes.  Bicycle retailers such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Recreational Equipment Inc., and more than 20 other retailers partner with Bikes for the World, to earn customer goodwill, create floor traffic, and sell new bikes to customers who trade-in or donate bikes to Bikes for the World.  In May 2012, Dick's Sporting Goods donated more than 4,200 bikes brought in by customers during the national retailer's one-week spring trade-in sale.  This relationship will be repeated in 2013.      

Bikes for the World offers team-building experiences to employees of local companies.  Companies such as TeraThink, Johnson Lambert, and Opower have brought employee teams to our storage sites and loaded 40' shipping containers of bicycles, compacted hundreds of bicycles for shipping using simple hand tools, and more.   

Dicks Sporting GoodsDicks Sporting GoodsBikes for the World offers opportunities to donate surplus product or space, and reduce waste.  Dick's Sporting Goods, The Bicycle Connection, and Revolution Bikes, among other retailers, have donated surplus spare parts and damaged new bicycles, which augment our used bicycle donations.  Local construction companies have donated new and damaged sheets of plywood or OSB, which we use for packing shipments.  We are always looking for these items, as well as hand tools (wrenches, hammers and mallets, screwdrivers) and warehouse space in Northern Virginia (see below).

Cause-marketing. Bikes for the World offers cause-marketing opportunities to products or services that promote a better world, especially those that relate to cycling, environmental protection, or the enjoyment of the outdoors.  An example is our relationship with the FreeBike Project, a start-up selling corporate sponsorship of bicycles placed with university students.  FreeBike Project donates a fixed amount per bike placement to Bikes for the World, towards the shipment of our bicycles to an education project in the Philippines.  

Donation of abandoned bikes. Multi-family residences periodically need to remove abandoned bicycles from their bike rooms and other public areas; we regularly receive inquiries and requests from condo and co-op boards, management companies, and individual tenants.  See a recent article by the Montgomery County MD multi-family residential recycling coordinator which explains how Bikes for the World can help clean out these valuable spaces and put these old bikes to good use.  Call 703-740-7856.

Bikes for the World is currently looking for donated or discounted storage for bicycles in the Northern Virginia area!!  Does your company have surplus space--a building awaiting redevelopment, or un-used warehouse space?  We need about 3,000 square feet.  Separately, we need a parking lot with room for five 40' storage trailers.

Interested in exploring these or other partnership opportunities with Bikes for the World?  Contact Keith Oberg, Executive Director, at 703-525-0931 or info(at)