Current volunteer opportunities

View our current calendar of volunteer opportunities.

  • Baltimore Polytechnic Institute 2012Baltimore Polytechnic Institute 2012Collection Managers - sponsoring and managing a bicycle collection is a tangible and rewarding community service opportunity. Bikes for the World provides full support (on-line, printed, and personalized) and supplies for the collections so this is a great place for a faith community, service club, Scout troop (or Eagle or Gold rank candidate), or bar mitzvah to step up and make a difference.
  • Event Volunteers – help “prep” (compact) bicycles at a collection, for easy storage and shipping overseas, or help load a 40’ container.
  • Drivers – pick up bikes from collections and deliver them to storage facilities in Rockville and Northern Virginia, using rental 15’ box trucks.
  • Office Volunteers – from database management to stuffing envelopes
  • Marketing – help get the word out, pass out flyers, talk to apartment managers, video production, photographers…

For physical tasks, we are particularly interested in individuals to help during our busy spring and fall collection seasons.

If you are interested in volunteering with Bikes for the World in any capacity, please contact us.