Collecting Bikes Is Easy...And Fun

Collect bike sign


Step 1

Want to collect bikes for Bikes for the World? Pick a time and place to hold the event. Confirm with us before doing anything else!

Find more information about hosting your own collection

Collect Bielamowicz Eagle 2012


Step 2

Advertise the event! We can help. We offer advice on how and when to advertise, a flyer template, and additional publicity through our online network. If you don't get the word out, you won't get bikes.

 Our Collection Manager's Guide can help!

Collect FDA 2012


Step 3

Hold the event. Recruit volunteers to write receipts, provide information, solicit a suggested $10/bike financial contribution, and receive and compact the bikes for efficient storage and shipping.

Watch our training video to learn how to 'process' bikes correctly



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