Bikes for the World's mission is to foster a continental movement to rescue and put surplus bicycles, used and new, to good use around the world.

  • Our ambitious and immediate goal is to surpass the 100,000 bikes-donated mark, since our beginning in 2005, by 2014; collecting and shipping 14,000 bikes this year alone
  • Over the next few years, we hope to serve as an example and an inspiration to others around the continent to collect, sort, prep, and ship additional useful bikes, with the goal of together shipping 100,000 bikes annually by 2020.
  • We are expanding our own efforts nationally and into Canada. We are looking for volunteers and potential institutional partners in Southern California, the Carolinas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and the New York metropolitan region. If you know anyone that may be interested, put us in touch!
  • We are also looking to support our current partners in Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, and elsewhere, sharing with and learning from each other toward common objectives.
  • Locally, we are looking to expand our own collections here in the mid-Atlantic region, with two strategies:
  1. enlisting additional community service organizations, especially schools, Scouts, and service clubs
  2. launching a campaign among multi-family residences to harvest abandoned bikes from over-crowded bike storage rooms