Bikes for the World Goes To Mozambique

Hirabai ChildFund International
ChildFund International joined forces with Bikes for the World to help supply bicycles to students in Mozambique as part of their Dream Bikes project initiative in several countries around the world. BfW shipped an initial container of 500 bikes to Mozambique in September 2013.

Hirabai, seen here, received her Atlas bicycle through ChildFund International in India. This bike is helping Hirabai traverse the long, dangerous road to school. She has dreams of becoming a police officer once she graduates from college.

Keeping kids in school is one of the most productive investments that a society can make. Recognizing this premise, Bikes for the World provides students at risk of dropping out the means - in the form of a bicycle - to arrive at school on time, refreshed, and with time savings, thus enabling them to study more, do chores at home, and stay in school.

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