New Partner in St. Louis

bworks for webBikes for the World is in St. Louis! Meet our newest partner St. Louis Bicycle Works, who just shipped their first container, with guidance and placement from Bikes for the World.

Bicycle Works has been around longer than BfW, but mainly as an Earn-a-Bike program for youth in St. Louis. They are part of a larger group called BWorks which also sponsors an earn-a-computer program and create-a-book program.

Bicycle Works has been working with Working Bikes for the past five years supplying bikes for shipments out of Chicago. With the help of a scout collecting bikes for BfW in Kentucky, we jump started a shipment earlier this year that was finally loaded this weekend and will be sent to BfW partner CESTA in El Salvador.

Keep reading about St. Louis Bicycle Works and the unique program they started at Marion Federal Penetentiary teaching inmates bike mechanics.

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