El Salvador Loading

Greenwood School 2013Bikes for the World started April with a loading at King Farm. The Stone Ridge Crew we work with twice a month started the loading on Wednesday, getting about half the container loaded.

Thursday we were met at the barn by a group we worked with a few years ago from Vermont. The Greenwood School arranges for students to complete a series of community service projects before they go home for spring break and we were lucky enough to have them with us this year.

The boys took it as a challenge to match what the girls had done the day before. They may have edged them out slightly, but it's worth noting that they loaded a lot more kids bikes the second day...not that that is any indication that they are easier to load. If you've ever volunteered with us you know some of the small kids bikes weigh more than an adult sized bike! The boys wanted to know our BPM record. Not sure we ever monitored a Bikes Per Minute, but it could be more than 3 or 4 depending on the crew.

Stone Ridge CESTA load

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