Bike Shops Accept Donations Year Round

Kona Bikes 2012

New Video. Bike shops are an important part of our operation. This video follows the donation of 10 new Kona Africa bikes from a donor out of the Race Pace Bicycles in Columbia.

Over 15% of all our annual donations come through bike shop retailers in the DC area. Many of these bikes are high quality Independent Bicycle Dealer frames that owners often hold on to for years. These bikes, when properly maintained, often last decades and create memories that are hard to part with. Knowing the bikes will continue to serve familes overseas gives the previous owner peace of mind and creates the space in which they are willing to donate this old bike.


In this video we talk with an employee of Spokes Etc. Bicycles about where bike donations come from through their five locations in Virginia. We recently partnered with Spokes to offer a holiday promotional deal where we received over 50 bikes in December. One of these was a brand new Trek that was sent to Wheels of Africa in Kenya.

A part time mechanic at Race Pace Bicycles in Columbia Maryland also bought and donated ten brand new Kona Africa bikes. This is the second time this donor has made such a generous donation to Bikes for the World. You can watch these bike being loaded onto the container for Kenya in this video and read more about Norm's donation on our blog.


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