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7602664110 a64f116bb7 o$10 buys tools for a new cyclistCRLJbkuse2008.1$25 delivers a bicycle to new ownerWillem Swanpoel Montagu BEC tools$50 delivers set of tools to new mechanic

BFP 17 03 Pangasinan site visit 8$100 delivers bicycles and helmets to a family of threeGlenwoodLionsClub Bikes 46$500 covers the cost of a collection weekendCecilia Mate Singalawme Shine container$1000 pays for a portion of shipping container

Give a gift that transforms lives

This holiday season you can shop and make a real difference. When you choose one of the gifts below, you'll help mothers, students, farmers, and nurses all over the world. Help us provide bicycles so children can get to school, farmers can get goods to market and health care workers can visit their patients.

You can make a donation online or you can mail a check to Bikes for the World 11720 Parklawn Dr Rockville MD 20852. When you donate online you can request an e-card to announce your gift. You can indicate the recipient in the 'honor of' box or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Theresa MoireDONATE NOW bikeCyclist's Tools

Give a multi-tool wrench or pump to a new cyclist to help keep their bike on the road.


Theresa took part in a preventative workshop in rural Ghana. She learned how to clean and maintain her bike to ensure its longevity. She received a bike and basic tools through this program. Theresa uses her bike for work and to assist her family with errands in town.


FamaDONATE NOW bikeBicycle

This gift helps us deliver a quality used bicycle to a new owner delivering affordable transportation to students, farmers, and health care workers around the world.


Famta is a young mother and a farmer from Guinea-Bissau. She uses her bike to increase her family's income and to ensure her newborn receives important vaccines and checkups. "The bike does not only alleviate the distance stress I used to go through, but it also preserves my health as I was feeling wearing out while frequently trekking. The bike I have purchased  helps increase my output in farming and other associative activities. My social wellbeing seems to have improved as can even visit other family members and relatives in the distant villages travelling on a bike."

Paul Githinji and DuncanDONATE NOW bikeMechanic's Tool Kit

A gift of $50 delivers a tool kit to a newly trained mechanic. These tools and new skills will provide a job in rural Africa and ensure that donated bikes stay in good working condition.

Paul and Duncan

Paul runs a bicycle shop in Kenya where he sells and repairs bikes for local riders. He replenishes his stock through our Kenyan partner Wheels of Africa. His business is doing so well he was able to take on several new employees including his nephew Duncan, who hopes to follow in Paul's footsteps.

Sherwin and Ron Sercio NarbayDONATE NOW bikeBikes and Helmets for family of three

Bikes keep students in school and families together. Your donation of $100 will help us deliver bikes and helmets to an entire family in the Philippines.

Ron and Sherman

For Ron and Sherwin a bicycle could be the difference between graduating and not finishing school at all. The boys admit it would be easier many days to just not go to school, but they also know the importance of education. Their parents did not finish school and struggle to find work to make ends meet. When Sherwin asked his mom for a bicycle to make the trip to school easier, she had to tell him the family could not afford it. Because of Bikes for the World, both boys now have bikes and arrive to school on time and ready to learn.

eagle projectDONATE NOW bikeCollection Weekend

This donation will help us support up to four community collection sites on a busy weekend. In just one weekend we can collect enough bikes to fill one shipping container with more than 400 bikes for a partner overseas.


Alex completed his Eagle Project with Bikes for the World collecting bikes to be donated around the world. Our community partners help us collect and donate over 12,000 bikes annually and help transform lives overseas.

eden cloete 001DONATE NOW bikeShipping Container

Help share the cost of purchasing a container to be left with a partner which, will be transformed into a bike shop, community center, or school for young children.


Eden runs a bicycle shop out of an old shipping container which, was used to send bicycle to Namibia. Placing a container in remote areas allows bike mechanicsto make local repairs and important jobs for the community. Proceeds from the shop go back into the community to help fund other businesses or feed hungry children.


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