Mobilizing Heath Care

healthcare AfricaBikes help transfer patients quicker, help transport and distribute drugs needed to treat disease, and allow nurses to cover more sparsely populated areas where the sick are often neglected.

Distance to medical clincs, poor roads, and lack of transportation contribute to poor health choices for many rural Africans. Fewer than 50% of Africans have access to modern medical facilities.Many young mothers choose to sacrifice natal care because of the challenges associated with trying to travel the long distances to clincs.

Traveling nurses often cite long commutes and low pay as the main reason for leaving the medical field. Many rural clinics rely on these qualified health care workers to administer care and monitor illnesses that threaten their communities. When a nurse quits the position, the clinic is forced to close.

Bringing bikes to these affected areas is helping keep those clinics open. Bikes help nurses travel the long distances from their homes, to the clincs, and also to the patients who live the furthest away. Read more about how Bikes for the World supports projects that focus on delivering a health care system that informs and protects an entire community. 

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