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Philippines students

Empowering young people with a means to get to school paves the way for a better future,
for students, their families and the entire community.


Access to Education

In rural Philippines, many students walk between 3 and 8 miles a day back and forth to school. Some children spend nearly four hours of their day commuting to classes and arrive to school exhausted with barely enough energy for studies. If students are late to school, they aren’t allowed to enter the classroom until the second session, which starts after lunch. As a result, many young people fall behind in their schoolwork.

Costa Rica

 Costa Rica students

 Out of Reach

Many kids have a hard time getting to class because they live great distances from their schools. This hardship increases as kids mature and they move into secondary schools. Where primary schools are typically close to their rural homes, the single high school is usually a good distance away. Lack of transportation to school is a common reason many students drop out of school.


Mozambique schools

In the Classroom

Educators note a change once bikes are introduced to kids in the community. The biggest change is an increase in children's confidence. Teachers observed that students became more motivated to study and participate in class. Ultimately the students were more alert and less tired and began performing better in class.

Join Elena to help her realize her goal of raising $4,000 to aid Bikes for the World collect and deliver 500 bikes to students around the globe.

   GOAL:  $4,000
     $175 raised so far

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My name is Elena, I am 16 years old and go to a nice school in Washington. I grew up with many amenities I always took for granted. Buses that brought me to school every day, a solid education, and a great bike. It wasn't until my sophomore year of high school that I realized there are people out there that don't get a bus ride to school and don't have bikes, preventing them from getting a quality education

Without bikes, kids in rural areas have to travel long distances on foot to get to school, wasting time and energy that could be spent on their studies. As a result, there is a prodigious amount of dropouts and low achievement due to chronic tiredness and late arrival. The more I learned about this epidemic, the more saddened I became. It made me shudder to the think about the safety risk of the slow walk to school, especially for girls. I realized I have a calling to make a difference, and the way to do that was Bikes for the World.

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