2015 Starley Award

JL StarleyJohnson Lambert LLP was awarded the BfW annual Starley Award for outstanding service and dedication to Bikes for the World and our mission. Johnson and Lambert was recognized for their pro bono work on our audit and IRS forms over the last three years. More than simply making sure that our donors' resources have been properly stewarded - the team's assistance has enabled us to improve our operational efficiency and effectiveness through better financial management and compliance with federal and local jurisdiction.

From Executive Director Keith Oberg, "We are extremely grateful to Johnson Lambert LLP for its support, and in particular to Managing Partner Debbie Lambert and the team members who lent their support and expertise to this effort. Doing pro bono work is a very generous gesture on the part of the company, and is not without considerable costs. To be able to offer these services, the company schedules them during the summer months traditionally the least-pressured season. And while assigning a senior Partner as overall responsible manager, the company also uses the work for staff professional development, as a training and skill-building exercise for younger employees."

Johnson Lambert LLP was also named our volunteer of the month for September.


 The bronze statue is named for JK Starley who is credited with inventing the safety bicycle, which transitioned the high wheeled penny farthing into a safer more compact bicycle like what we ride today, with a chain mechanism and triangular frame. This invention made possible the expansion of cycling as basic transportation and recreation accessible to millions of people, contributing to social change and economic growth.

Our Starley Award is presented annually to an outstanding member of the Bikes for the World team who has contributed to the growth of Bikes for the World and the fulfillment of its mission of changing lives through providing the power of the bicycle to disadvantaged people around the globe.

Starley Award Recipients:

     2013   Craig Annear, second chairman of the board (2012-2013)
     2014   Nicholas Griffin, first chairman of the board (2011-2012)
     2015   Johnson Lambert LLP

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