Cycle Recycle Canada

Cycle Recycle CanadaBikes for the World ships 497 bikes out of Canada. Working with the Tiverton Lions Club outside Toronto, BfW representative Bob Evans helped lead this effort to load a container of bikes heading to the Bicycling Empowerment Network in South Africa.

The bikes were collected in Canada over the past year by a large network of Lions Clubs. On July 18, 2015, about a half dozen of those Lions Clubs came together and  loaded this container in just under five hours. This collaborative effort expanded BfW reach beyond our US border.

This was the second container this year loaded and shipped outside our central warehouse location in Arlington VA. The first was last month in Wisconsin, a second effort by Bicycles for Humanity Oregon WI. We also hope to ship a container out of Pittsburgh and Long Island New York within the next year.

Read more about this Canadian shipment heading to South Africa.

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