Building Hope For a Better Future

young girl philippinesMore students are about to receive bikes at two school districts in the Philippines. A third container of bikes has arrived in Manila where volunteers will prep the bikes for use in Bohol.

Students in rural Philippines are staying in school longer and even graduating thanks to our support of this Bikes for Education project established by Bikes for the Philippines. The initial school district loaned bikes to about 100 students to help keep them in school, or in some cases, re-enroll in classes. That was 2012.

We visited the bike project in Bohol, Philippines in 2012. You can see many of our photos in this photo narrative that updates the project's current progress.

Today, students who graduated have earned their bikes outright and some remain engaged in the bike project by mentoring new beneficiaries and also maintaining bikes in the fleet. Empowering young people with a means to get to school paves the way for a better future, for students, their families and the entire community.

Bikes for Education by Bikes for the World on Exposure

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