Wheels of Africa Delivers

Wheels of Africa 2013 updateBikes for the World has over a dozen beneficiary partners worldwide. Each one of the programs we support is unique in how the bikes are helping their communities. We support a micro-finance project, school projects, community led bike shops, welding training programs, the list goes on and on.

Wheels of Africa is our partner in Kenya working out of Nairobi. They have partnered with Tour d'Afrique to connect with several non-profits working with students, healthcare workers, caregivers, and patients to provide affordable transportation needed in their every day lives.

Wheels of Africa also worked with BfW partner, BEN Namibia to help create locally owned and operated bike shops. Wheels of Africa trained mechanics to run these shops and also shared entreprenuer skills to ensure the shops are successful. The stock used and sold in these shops is supplied by container donations from organizations like Bikes for the World. Partnerships with Capital Bikeshare in DC and Citi Bike in NY who have donated cases of used parts and tires to BfW have greatly increased the value of our containers, especially to groups like Wheels of Africa, who supply local bike shops with bikes and parts.

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